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Maria Maaneskiold (b.1994 in Oslo) Is a Norwegian artist based in Oslo, that recently spent four months in Milan at Via Farini residency. She holds a BA in Art Direction from Westerdals Oslo ACT, and has five years of experience as an art director – along side of freelancing as an award winning illustrator and artist. Her mediums are mainly illustration and painting, though in the recent years she has also experimented with sculpture and performative work.


Her perspective often merges personal life experiences with a more «magical», imagined reality, and alludes to escapism and fever dreams. It connects to the recurring topics of the psychological relationship between adulthood and childhood, when the lines are blurred. Social boundaries, and is also influenced by her conceptual background.


The work is characterised by her relationship with cartoons. As a young girl she would watch them obsessively as they gave her a sense of protection from complicated events in her childhood. This allowed her to forget her self, and live through the images on the screen, rather than in her own body. 


In recent years, she has participated in exhibitions in, among other places, Tokyo, Milan and Hong Kong, and has done commissions for several well-known Norwegian names.


Asia representation, Streams gallery.

Norway representation, COLLECTIVE Oslo.

Work together?

+47 94277361


2015 - 2018            BA, Art Direction, Westerdals Oslo ACT


Work experience

2021                   Creator / Art Director, Los & Co

2018                   Creator / Art Director, Graphic Designer, Finisher, Marvelous 

2018                   Creator / Art Director, Anorak


Solo exhibitions

2022                   «Alle vil ha kjøtt", Trappa, Oslo Culture Night, Oslo

2022                   «Hva er det med meg", Solo Exhibition, Heiaklubben, Oslo (Supported by                           Talent Grant awarded by the Culture Department)

Group exhibitions

2024                   Via Farini Open studio, Milan

2023                   WHAT CAFE EXHIBITION vol.25, Tokyo

2022                   ReA! Art fair Vol III, Milan

2022                   Hong Kong Affordable Art Fair, Hong Kong

2021                   "Mirror Mirror", Streams gallery, Hong Kong

2021                   "Youwhoo", Window and store exhibition, installation and illustration,                           Moniker, Oslo (Diploma in Visual 2022)

2021                   ARTillery #2_EVOLUTION, Fushion, Oslo

2021                   ARTillery #1 REALIA_, Oslo

2021                   Step Up Erna, KFUK-KFUM Global, Oslo

2020                   Fushion Oslo with Adam and Eva, Oslo

2019                   Fushion Oslo (Single by Sunrise - Confessions of A Woo-Girl), Oslo


2024 Jan - apr.        Via Farini artist recidency, Milano           



2023 -                 NBK (The Association of Norwegian Visual Artists)

2023 -                 Tegnerforbundet (The Drawing Association 

Awards and grants

2023                   Grafill reisestipend

2023                   Gold Grafill Visuelt

2023                   Sølvmikken mars

2022                   Diploma Grafill Visuelt

2021                   Kulturrådets talentstipend

2020                   1. Gulltusjen

2020                   Sølv Anfo

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