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Maria Maaneskiold(b.1994) is a Norwegian artist and illustrator. Her work is characterised by the consequences of unequally distributed power and being the victim of others' lack of ability to resist temptation. Recurring themes are social boundaries, power positions, sexuality, identity, and escapism - often expressed through humor and a sense of magical realism. She grew up escaping into cartoons and have always struggled with the boundaries between fantasy and reality. Her art is therefore described as a "liminal space" between these two


Asia representation, Streams gallery.

Norway representation, COLLECTIVE Oslo.

Work together?

+47 94277361


2015 - 2018 BA, Art Direction, Westerdals Oslo ACT

Work experience
2021 Creator / Art Director, Los & Co
2018 - 2021 Creator / Art Director, Graphic Designer, Finisher, Marvelous 2018 - 2018 Creator / Art Director, Anorak

Solo exhibitions
2022 «Alle vil ha kjøtt", Trappa, Oslo Culture Night, Oslo
2022 «Hva er det med meg", Solo Exhibition, Heiaklubben, Oslo (Supported by Talent Grant awarded by the
Culture Department)

Group exhibitions
2023 WHAT CAFE EXHIBITION vol.25, Tokyo
2022 ReA! Art fair Vol III, Milan
2022 Hong Kong Affordable Art Fair, Hong Kong
2021 "Mirror Mirror", Streams gallery, Hong Kong
2021 "Youwhoo", Window and store exhibition, installation and illustration, Moniker, Oslo (Diploma in Visual 2022) 2021 ARTillery #2_EVOLUTION, Fushion, Oslo
2021 ARTillery #1 REALIA_, Oslo
2021 Step Up Erna, KFUK-KFUM Global, Oslo
2020 Fushion Oslo with Adam and Eva, Oslo
2019 Fushion Oslo (Single by Sunrise - Confessions of A Woo-Girl), Oslo 2018 Graduation Exhibition, Westrdals Oslo ACT, Oslo

Other relevant /Commissioned
2023 Logo & Illustration for merch, Lars Vaular
2023 A year of program posters, Club Skogen, Oslo
2023 A Girl just wanna have fun vol. 2, Commissioned work and installation, Sunshine Kollektiv, Storgata 26, Oslo 2022 A Girl just wanna have fun vol. 1, Commissioned work, Sunshine Kollektiv, Storgata 26, Oslo
2022 Øyanatt, commissioned poster for Dattera til Hagen and Øya, Oslo
2022 Klubbdagen, commissioned Poster for Dattera til Hagen and Øya, Oslo
2021 "Super Sale",Glass wall mural, commissioned work, Iterate
2020 "Somebody else", Animated music video, Monalia - Oslo (Longlisted for World Illustration Awards 2021)
2020 "Conversations", Projection mapping and foil decoration - Costume Awards - Oslo, Deichman The Old Library

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